AJ-S900B High Frequency Electrosurgical Machine

AJ-S900B High Frequency Electrosurgical Machine


Product Description

Specifications Range of Use: May use to various surgical operations of cutting or/and coagulation to organism tissue. Working Modes: Pure cut, Blend 1,Blend 2, Desiccate, Fulgurate, Spray and Bipolar.

Working Modes Pure cut or cut 5~300W(may provide type 5~400W)
Blend 1 5~240W
Blend 2 5~200W
Blend 3
Desiccate 5~200W
Fulgurate or Coag. 5~150W
Spray 5~100W
Bipolar 2~70W
Accessories Active Electrode 5
Footswitch 1
Neutral Electrode 1
Bipolar Electrode 1
Disposable Electrode Pick out and buy
Transport Data Package Dimensions 51×29×48cm
Gross Weight 13kg
Technical Data Voltage 220V ±22V,50Hz/60Hz
Working Frequency 512kHz ±5%
Variety of Equipment class 1,type CF.Ordinary Equipment
Working Fashion Loading intermittently, Functioning continuously.
Leskage Currents To Ground Less than 0.5mA
Leskage Currents Through Patient Less than 0.01mA


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