Ambu® Man Advanced – Next Generation

The specialist in airway management: for training in both endotracheal intubation and alternative techniques like laryngeal mask or laryngeal tube.

Professional training manikin made to fulfil all the needs of Advanced Life Support (ALS) training.
The focus of the manikin is on the algorithm: Airway Management, ECG simulation, defibrillation and the training of i.v. access technique.

Integrated Ambu Wireless Technology: the browser-based Ambu Manikin Management Module allows the wireless control, documentation and monitoring of the trainee’s performance through the central interface, where all data and information come together: compression depth, correct hand position, ventilation volume, stomach inflation.

Customised scenario training: the intuitive user interface allows a quick and easy creation of custom scenarios and adapt them to different course concepts, in accordance to the demand of instructors and the current ERC / AHA guidelines. The CPR parameters and manual events are documented wirelessly and included into the evaluation and debriefing.

Individual trainee evaluation in group: more efficient training, each participant receives his personal results (up to four participants).
Technical Specifications
Mouth to Mouth ventilation: NON
Mouth to nose ventilation: NON
Bag-valve-mask ventilation: YES
Use of Guedel airways: YES
Airway management: Et tube, laryngeal tube & mask and other SGAs: YES
Jaw-thrust manoeuvre: YES
Gastric insufflation: YES
Ambu hygiene system: NON
Chest compression: YES
Max compression depth: 7 cm
Max insufflation: 1.2 litres
Hand position display: YES
Infinitely adjustable chest stiffness: YES
Pulse: electrical
Placement of defibrillation electrodes: YES
Defibrillation: YES
I.V. access (need IV trainer 34041): optional
Wireless CPR software: YES
ECG display: YES
Carrying bag: YES
Weight: 13.3 Kg

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