Aphrodite 2100nm Holmium laser for vaginal treatment

Aphrodite 2100nm Holmium laser for vaginal treatment 

① Unique 2100nm wavelength

2100nm is golden adsorption wavelength to vaginal tissue with lowest water adsorption, Micro pulse can reach the muscle layer, promotes muscle protein hyperplasia and muscle fiber stronger. Effectively improve the vaginal bulging, urine leakage and relaxation, the effect is more obvious and lasting.


② SMOOTH Treatment Mode

The effectiveness of Smooth treatment mode with 6 pics of micro pulses, precisely treats the vaginal tissue layers(mucous/muscle/fiber) under a regulated temperature, achieve optimal  photo-thermal simulation and non-invasive treatment.


③ Honeycomb fractional emission and 360° annular tip spot

Piloted by the 360° reflector lens, 2100nm laser is fractionally emitted to vaginal tissue , keeping the heat dispersed , the vaginal surface tissue is more evenly heated. Maximizing the efficiency to repair the tissue. Comfortability  and minimally invasive .  User friendly , convenient and efficient in vaginal treatment.

④ Disposable sterile treatment tip

Equipped with disposable sterile treatment tips, cutting down on the  sterilization equipment, ensuring sterility for clean and safe work environment , Eliminate the risk of cross infection.


Laser generator Ho3+: YAG solid laser
Laser wavelength 2100nm±5nm
Laser power
30/40/60W(pulse average power) optional
Working mode Repeat pulse
Energy density 10-5000mj adjustable
Pulse width 250-800μs adjustable
Frequency 1-20Hz adjustable
Emission mode Factional spot
Treatment area Normal; VRL; LVT
Treatment mode Smooth; soft; CW
Instability ≤±8%
Replicability ≤±8%
Output mode 2.5m/SM905 standard port; diameter Φ550um/quartz fiber transmission
Indicator Green light/wavelength 532nm/power≤5mw
Treatment handle A Honeycomb 360° annular treatment handle with disposable sterile
Treatment handle B Fractional scan tip
Display 8 inch color touch screen; 9.7mini laptop
Power AC220V,50Hz, 3500W
Dimension 105cmx45cmx110cm
Net weight 80kg

Aphrodite utilizes the advanced guided endoscope on the top of treatment tip, by using a thin catheter to treat precisely under the video, allowing the patient and operate to observe synchronously, 



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