Cliniclean Instant Hand Sanitizer 25L


Cliniclean 25 Revive

Hand Sanitizer.

  1. Product Name: Clini-Clean™
    Liquid Hand Sanitizer (antibacterial). Mal 0/05/19
  2. Product Description: Liquid Hand Sanitizer (Detergent Hand )
  3. Appearance: blue or pearly pink viscous liquid, with a pleasant fragrance and color.
  4. Properties: Product has a PH Balance of approx. 6.8 to 6.9. Soluble in water with a relative density of 1.0 to 1.30.
  5. Composition

Chemical Name                                                   Hazard Factor

Nonyl Phenol Ethoxylate                                      Nil

Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate                             Nil

N.PROPANOL (NPA)                                           Nil

Other propriety ingredients                                  Nil


  1. Hazards identification : Nonyl Phenol Ethoxylate (9 mole ) & Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate are not considered a hazards when blended into product.
  2. First Aid: Always show treating physician this product material safety data sheet.
  • Eyes: May cause moderate to severe irritation :- Wash with copious, repeated amounts of water and seek medical attention if necessary. Do not rub eyes.
  • Hands &Skin: Non Irritating under normal use, but may have adverse reactions by prolonged exposure to sensitive skin :- Wash thoroughly with water and towel dry.
  • Inhalation : Not likely under normal use. if the liquid product is inhaled seek immediate
  • medical attention. If breathing has stopped give artificial respiration.


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