CPAP Helmet – Non-Invasive ventilation Hood


CPAP Helmet – Non-Invasive ventilation Hood

CPAP Helmet- Non Invasive ventilation Hood is intended to be used for non-invasive ventilation with CPAP therapy in hospital environment.
The use of the helmet allows to perform the therapy in positive pressure with much higher flows than those used
with face masks.


• Perfect sealing is guaranteed by an ultra-soft silicone collar.
(The only helmet on the market to be equipped with a silicone collar).
•This Helmet is equipped with fastening straps (with neutral Ph) and
equipped with a quick coupling / release device (with the optional
pillow it is possible to use the helmet even without straps).
• A pocket on the flow inlet connection directs the flow tangentially
to the tent to reduce noise and to avoid direct arrival on the patient’s
• The bidirectional anti-suffocation valve is integrated in the access
port and automatically opens when the pressure inside the helmet
falls below 2 cmH2O.
 The transparent tent is made of PVC, the device is LATEX FREE e DEHP FREE.
 Tent volume: 15 lt., device weight: 410
 The 22F / 22M connections comply with the ISO standard.

EASY TO USE: the one-piece helmet is practical and easy to put on or
take off.

QUICK ACCESS TO THE PATIENT: thanks to the sealed access port with
screw opening.

COMFORTABLE: the model with integrated inflatable pillow (CPAP10400)
further improves patient comfort, provides support to the cervical
area, ensures more stability to the helmet and allows its use without

PERFECT SEALING: the exclusive silicone collar ensures the sealing on
the neck without having to excessively pull the straps.

MODULAR SYSTEM (mod. CPAP10400): with this model it is possible to
switch from using the helmet with underarm straps to using it without
them and vice versa.


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