▶Ambient noise detection [Auto volume adjusting]
▶Easy-to-use & manage Electrode (Displaying Life expectancy of Electrode)
▶Graphic LCD status Indicator (Device, Pads & Battery)
▶Selectable Voice guide for both Lay Rescuer and Healthcare provider
▶ECG monitoring or multi printing via Bluetooth communication
• Product Exterior
Dimensions: 260 x 256 x 70 mm (Width x Length x Height)
LCD: 5inch wide, 480×272 16bit
Weight 2.4㎏ (Including the battery pack and pads)
• Defibrillator
Operation Type: Dual Mode (semi-automated, manual) External Defibrillator
Output Type: e-cube biphasic (Truncated exponential type) output Energy
AED Mode
• 150J±4J, 200J±6J at 50Ω load for adults
• 50J±2J at 50Ω load for children
Manual Mode (Optional)
• 2J±1J, 3J±1J, 5J±1J, 7J±1J, 10J±1J, 20J±2J, 30J±2J, 50J±2J, 70J±2J, 100J±4J, 150J±4J, 200J±6J at 50Ω load
• Self Test
Auto Power Self-Test / Real-time Self-Test
Daily / Weekly / Monthly Self-Test
Manual Battery Pack Self-Test (performed when the user inserts the battery pack)
• ECG Analysis System
Analyzes whether the rhythms of the patient’s impedance and ECG require a defibrillation
Measured Impedance Range 25Ω ~ 175Ω 
• Battery
Battery Type: 12V DC, 111.1V DC, 1.9Ah Li-ion, rechargeable
Capacity: For fully charged new batteries, at least 60 shocks or 3
hours of operation at 25°C (77°F)
Standby Life (After Inserting the Battery)
If stored and managed in accordance with instructions in the document: At least 2 years from the date of installation into the i-PAD CU-SP2
Temperature Ranges for Storage and Use  
Operating Environment:
Temperature: 0°C ~ 43°C (32°F ~ 109°F)
Storage Environment:
Temperature: -20°C ~ 60°C (-4°F ~ 140°F)
• Electrode
Electrode Area: 110 cm2
Cable Length: Total 120cm (Internal: 95cm, External: 25cm)
Electrode Area: 50 cm2
 Cable Length: Total 120cm (Internal: 80cm, External: 40cm)
 Data Storage and Transfer
Data Storage: Saves 3 events on the internal memory (up to 17 hours per event)
SD Card:  Stores the ECG and event data from the device’s internal memory through the PC software (CU-Expert).
Bluetooth: Uses Bluetooth to communicate with the Printer or the CUEM1
(ECG transmission device)
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