Defi 6 AED Portable Defibrillator 
Portable AED which can be equipped at home in public places or in the hospitals.
It’s easy and convenient to use when give first-aid to patient.Meditech Defi6 has the function of automatic analyzing patient’s ECG data and then takes corresponding defibrillation energy level according to patient’s current situation which has greatly improved success rate and maximum reduced damage to patient’s heart.

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: Defibrillation counter
: SD card 
: Pressure sensor icon
: Date and time
: Battery

: Pressure sensor intensity bar
 I :  User mode
J : System status
: Pad status
: Filter status
M: Ecg waveform area


Three-step defibrillation process
Two-button operation
Extensive voice and visual prompts for the operator
Biphasic energy output
Lock-out protection to prevent inadvertent defibrillation
Continuous event recording for reporting each use to a printer or computer
Weekly self-test to ensure readiness
Color  screen for ECG wave and settings
Adult and Pediatric defibrillation
Multi language voice and monitor
SD Card for recording capacity 
Infra-red for data transfer
Multi language 
LCD Battery Capacity Indicator

CPR coaching (Optional)

ECG measurment by 3 lead cable (Optional)
ECG cable for the aed defibrillator Defi6

AED Storage Software (Option)
Its used to assist upper supervisory system of Automatic External Defibrillator DEFI and support transmission of storage data from lower control system of DEFI. It is used for event documentation, display of real-time ECG, voice prompts waveform, display of voice prompts and print of selected waveforms.
AED defibrillator software

More Details

Portable Defibrillator
Output: Biphasic Truncated exponential
Energy sequence: 150J 200J(Adult); 50J 100J(Pediatric)
Charge Time: 8 sec. to 150J; 4 sec to 50J/ 100J; 10 sec to 200J(New battery)
Analysis time: 9 sec
Audible prompts: 20 audible prompts
Visual Prompts: LED automatic self-test
Controls: two bultons-On/Off shock
Output energy accuracy: more or less 15% into any impedance from 25 to 175 Ω
Output disabled when the patient impedance is outside: 20 Ω to 200 Ω
Defi6 Battery
Non-rechargeable: 15V d.c 2.8Ah
Capacity: 100 discharges at 200 Joules or 120 discharges at 150 Joules
Shelf Life( 25 ℃±15℃ ): 10 years (5 years storage+5 years standby); 5 years standby (after installation)
Defi6 AED Portable Defibrillator Physical
Dimensions: 220*170*70mm
Weight: 1.5kg
Operating Humidity: Relative humidity between 30% and 95% (non-condensing)
Storage temperature (with battery): -20 ℃  to 55 ℃
Storage humidity (without battery): up to 93% (non-condensing)
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