Disposable Face Mask 3PLY

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Disposable Face Mask


It is widely used in ordinary environment, to block the mouth and nasal cavity from exhaling or spraying pollutants by covering the user’s mouth, nose and jaw.


  • Moderate tightness provide coziness for ears
  • Light and very low resistance to breathing
  • 100,00 class workshop production, quality assurance
  • Three-layeer anti-wrinkle design

Technical Parameters:

Model                                                 BK-DSFM
Type                                                    Flat earloop type
Structure                                             Consisting of mask body, mask band and nose clip
Material                                               PP non-woven fabric, rubber band
Instruction                                           Turn folded side out nose bar side up
Three Layers Material                          The molding layer is spundonded non-woven fabric
                                                           The filter later is melt-blown non-woven fabric
                                                           The affinity layer is spundonded non-woven fabric
Product Protection Effect Level            Level A
External Size(mm)                                180*95 ( with 3 layers )
Recommended Using TIme                  4-6 hours
Validity                                                2 years
Storage Condition                              Keep in a sealed, cool and dry condition


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