Emergency Crash Cart F-46 ( trolley)


EMERGENCY CRASH CART – F-46 ( trolley ) 

The  Emergency Crash Cart F-46 was designed with the input of emergency room personnel to assure the ultimate in convenience during emergency responses. 
  • F-46 Cart  Features:

F-46 Trolley Crash Cart has 5 drawers with related accessories.

 Defibrillator / Monitor shelf.
2 x Waste bins.
Plastic cardiac board
 Oxygen bottle holder.
Sliding shelf.
125 mm castors 2 with brakes.
File cassette.
Sharps container.
Plug and extension.
I V pole.
Stainless steel working shelf.
Total single key lock system.

Emergency Crash Specifications:

Size L 850 X W 520 X H 1045 mm
Box size 900 X 610 X 1130 MM
75 KG

Model  ; F-46

Type ; Emergency  crash cart 

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