EMS – Aluminum Mouldable Splint


EMS – Aluminum Mouldable Splint

Our moldable splint provides firm, waterproof support with variable positioning. Lengthwise creates a longitudinal bend, which gives the splint its strength. Curve outside edges in the opposite direction to make even stronger


Aluminium Mouldable Splint

PWSMS-01 Aluminum Mouldable Splint 

Easy to use
Fast performance: soft initial state, you can easily change the shape to adapt to different requirements, even using scissors to trim to size.

Once moulded to the body part, the splint becomes rigid thus splinting the affected area.


Security: Foam and adhesives in accordance with international safety standards


IXPE (radiation cross -linked polyethylene): foam.

Special aluminum alloy board.
Special medical glue.
Size: 100 x 11cm


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