FOETAL DOPPLER D2003 – with display

FOETAL DOPPLER D2003 – with display


FOETAL DOPPLER D2003 – with display

Small, lightweight, high sensitivity pocket Doppler, with 2 MHz foetal probe, ideal for General Practitioner’s or Midwife’s use for routine antenatal foetal detection. Pocket Doppler can be used to detect the beating foetal heart from about 10th week of gestation. It may be used to locate the position of the placenta, thus aiding in the early diagnosis of placenta praevia, to survey blood flow of the umbilical cord and to diagnose multiple pregnancies. Foetal signals are easily located using the lightweight narrow beam transducer while internal signal processing minimizes noise artefacts. Audio foetal heart signals are available to the user via the built-in loudspeaker or option headset, with output level controlled by rotary volume control.

Technical Specifications

 Ultrasound Frequency: 2 MHz continuous wave
 Transducer: 2 crystal narrow beam
 Output power: <10 mW/mm² SATA
 Audio Response 300 Hz -1 KHz
 Fetal heart rate (FHR):60-210 bpm; resolution ± 1 bpm, accuracy ± 2 bpm
 Unit Controls Keys: 1 Key (for unit on/off Controls: rotary volume
 Indicators: Battery low icon
 Power supply: Battery 9 V Alkaline Manganese
 Expected battery life: 8 hours
 Output Headset: Audio output to optional headset
 Serial: jack 35 mm
 Material: ABS / Noryl
 Size: 150 x 75 mm
 Weight: 295 g (with transducer)
 Classification: Class I Type B – IEC 60601-I CE0120
 Warranty: 2 years (probe and cable included)
 Made in UK


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