Horizontal Pulse Vacuum Autoclave



Horizontal Pulse Vacuum Autoclave

Product Description

Biobase Manufacturer 150L Horiziontal Pulse Vacuum Autoclave
Biobase Manufacturer 150L Horiziontal Pulse Vacuum Autoclave
 Horizontal Pulse Vacuum Autoclave ; Pulsating vacuum sterilizer extracts vacuum It can be widely used in department of stomatology and ophthalmology, operating room . It is suitable for all wrapped or unwrapped solid instrument, A-class cavity instrument.


  •  Maintenance reminder function, easy for users to maintain equipment, replace vulnerable parts.
  • The air in the chamber is sterile and avoids re-contamination.
  •  Sterilization data output: standard micro-printer, no separate external connection.
  •  Adopt quick-release side cover and top cover for easy maintenance and cleaning.
  •  7-inch color LCD touch screen 
  •  Strong vacuum drying system
  •  Micro-controller programmable control technology.
  •  Full protective door cover, effectively prevent bums.
  •  The equipment adopt self-expanding sealing ring, sealing performance is more reliable and stable.
  •  The closing method adopts a multi-point pressing structure of the radiation rod, safe and reliable.
  •  Built-in high speed steam generator, no external steam source, save time and effort.
  •  With mobile temperature sensor, can meet the special requirements of the laboratory.
  • Safe and high quality solenoid valve
  •  Spring relief valve: Special purpose for pressure steam sterilization equipment.
  • High efficiency water circulating vacuum pump. High vacuum efficiency, low noise, vacuum capacity up to -9kpa.
    Safety Devices:
     Overheating protection.
     Circuit safety device.
     Emergency stop switch.
     Door interlock device.
     Over current and leakage safety device.
     Double over-pressure protection.
     Multiple control and protection of steam generator.
Model BKQ-Z150H BKQ-Z200H BKQ-Z260H BKQ-Z300H
Capacity 150L 200L 260L 300L
Chamber Size(mm) Φ500*766 φ500*1050 Φ650*930 Φ650*1050
Chamber Material SUS304
Max Working Pressure 0.3Mpa
Vacuum System Water circulation vacuum pump
Vacuum Limit -93KPa
Temp. Accuracy ±0.1ºC
Working Temp. 115~138ºC
Consumption 15KW
Power Supply 380V, 50HZ
External Size(mm) 1080*940*1780 1290*940*1780 1380*1170*1970 1380*1170*1970
Packaging Size(mm) 1280*1140*1980 1490*1140*1980 1580*1370*2170 1580*1370*2170
NetWeight(kg) 420 500 700 750
Gross Weight(kg) 485 565 765 815


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