Lab Automatic Glassware Washer (Washer Disinfector)


Lab Automatic Glassware Washer (Washer Disinfector)



1. High efficient cleaning system, designed with European reliable pump, optimized spray arm and nozzles, and self-cleaning program;
2. Rapid and efficient drying system, designed with independent air heater, HEPA filter and  drying process;
3. Water heating temperature can reach 99℃, while hot air drying temperature can reach 120℃;
4. Professional configuration design—stainless steel for corrosion resistance;reinforced glass window mounted to achieve a clear view on washing process;
5.PLC touch screen control with preset 6 programs and 99 cutomized programs
6. Safety protection—electronic security door lock to prevent unexpected door opening, water & drying air temperature dual control and equipped with emergency switch.

Standard Washing Procedure (can be self-designed by the user):
Pre-cleaning→Washing with cleaner→Rinse→Washing with neutralization→Rinse→Washing with hot water→Drying 


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