Light Shelf Unit PS-SHLF03

PS-SHLF03   |   Light Shelf Unit

Light Shelf Unit PS-SHLF03
Light Shelf Unit PS-SHLF03 without too much heavy small and medium volume products, Light metal table top shelf units depending on the properties of products that are placed on wooden table top can be made as split and separator. This system is more than the height of the shelves in the warehouse mezzanine (converted to ply platform) system.
 Light Shelf System products St 37, is made of steel St 44 and St 52 in standards.
 The thickness of the produced profiles 1.5 – ranges from 2.5mm.
 Table of sheet thickness is between 0.7 -1,20mm are manufactured from sheet steel and GALVANIZED material.
 Carrier traverse different options based on weight are manufactured from St 37 and St 44 material is available. From 1.5 to 3mm thick.


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