Life-Point Pro AED automatic defibrillator is easy-to-use thanks to its three-step audio and visual guidance. It is always ready to use thanks to its self-test function.

Pro AED defibrillator is provided as a compact device with all its accessories in a carrier bag which is provided as a small, light and standard accessory.

Inside this carrier bag, there is a small first aid kit available so that you don’t need any other auxiliary material. Life Point Pro AED defibrillator is easy to carry with its only 1,9 kg weight. With metronome sound assistance for CPR, it coaches to CPR and thus it enables a more effective CPR (for cardiac massage).

It has software which makes automatic configuration for use on child patients from the moment when paediatric pads are installed through its automatic paediatric pads recognition function.

Pro AED defibrillator stores patient rescue data on its memory and data recorded at the moment of rescue can be inspected at any time. In line with variable directive, it’s software is remotely updateable. It has clear, understandable audible commands with adjustable sound volume. With optional wall – mounting kit and wall cabinet accessories, it is suitable for use in any environment. It offers excellent quality with cost-efficient spare parts and accessories.


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