PS- ARC1 | Single Mobile archive system

PS- ARC1    |   Single Mobile archive system



1 mm thick mild steel is made of high quality steel.

Painted with high quality powder paint paint life is extended.

 Dismantled or produced by spot welding.

In any desired size and can be produced in any color desired. Our standard sizes are given archive system.

Thanks to our mobile archive system file archiving save at least 60% places.

Our system is designed to be easy to use and ergonomic.

Code: Product: Dimensions (cm)
PS-ARC1-01 Single, Single Sided Fixed, Capless  217x100x30
PS-ARC1-02 Single, Double Sided, without cover, flywheel 217x100x60
PS-ARC1-03 Single, Double Sided, hard Capless 217x100x60
PS-ARC1-04 Single, Duplex, Cover, Flywheel  217x100x62
PS-ARC1-05 Single, Double Sided, flap, all fixed 217x100x62


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