SY-P020  Hospital Medical Video laryngoscope


SY-P020  Hospital Medical video laryngoscope

SY-P020  Anesthetic Laryngoscope Hospital Medical Video Laryngoscope

Portable, reliable, easy to operate
Intelligent and efficient electronic defogging system, for a variety of environments
integrated 3.5 “display, image stabilization clear,

easy to operate
High resolution CCD camera provides clear vision of synchronous timely image
304 medical stainless steel material, can be autoclaved.

AVOUT external large display
Excellent image quality, can be used for learning and teaching and training
Disposable metal laryngoscope blade and multiple metal laryngoscope blades for customers
Quick intubation in unpredictable airway case situation

Wide range of applications
Model complete and appropriate lens size, so clinical patients over the mouth of ten can choose to use, It can quickly solve common clinical problem difficult intubation
Mainly applied to projections by the front teeth, tongue hypertrophy, micrognathia, cervical activity due to reduced intubation difficulty.

Long product life
Medical use of 304 stainless steel, depending on the brand so easy to avoid anesthesia video laryngoscopes other video laryngoscope lens portion of scalloped scratch prone to problems, reduce secondary damage that may occur to the patient.

Automatic fogging system without defogging wait
For the crowd: 2kg ~ extremely obese
Charger Operating voltage: 100 ~ 250V (AC)
Battery type: Lithium – polymer battery, ordinary AAA batteries
Battery life: lasts 200 minutes after the battery is fully charged
Between the front of the lens to the handle angle: 61 °
Display Mating cycles:> 5000
Working temperature: -20 ° ~ + 50

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