Treadmill Stress Test (AJ-STR900)


/ Treadmill Stress Test (AJ-STR900) Cardiac Stress Test 

Treadmill Stress Test (AJ-STR900) is designed to provide an accurate evaluation of the heart’s response to exercise with its brand-new operation interface and operation mode.


Cardiac /Treadmill Stress Test (AJ-STR900)  Electrodes are placed on the chest, which is attached to an ECG machine that is recording the electrical activity of the heart. Your resting ECG, heart rate, and blood pressure are obtained prior to starting the exercise regimen.Exercise testing is a form of cardiovascular stress testing that uses exercise with electrocardiography (ECG) and blood pressure monitoring. This form of stress testing is usually performed with exercise protocols using either a treadmill 
Exercise blood pressure monitor Tango M2, Made in USA
Exercise Cardiopulmonary function test system (MasterScreen CPX), Germany JAEGER brand
Standard Accessories
1. Software & User manual CD 1 pcs
2. Wooden packing box 1 pcs
3. Waistband 1 pcs
4. Cover of ECG Collector 1 pcs
5. PCI-serial port(RS232) card 1 pcs
6. HP Laser Printer 1 pcs
7. Commerial Lenovo PC 1 pcs
8. ECG Collector  1 pcs
10. Treadmill M2100 (Made in China) 1 pcs
11. Treadmill control cable 1 pcs
12. ECG data extension cable and power cable 1 pcs
13. Ground wire 1 pcs
14. 12-lead ECG patient cable 1 pcs
15. Packing box 1 pcs


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